Delight Films is the trading name of Yana Ivanishcheva, and is a Wedding Videography Company based at Lisbon, Portugal.

This policy applies between the client (as a user of our website and/or user of our wedding videography services) and Delight Films. All information provided to us is confidential and we do not share it with third parties other than listed bellow.


Cookies and website visitor tracking

When using this website, you have the choice to agree to or decline cookies. Cookies are small files installed on your browser device that allow websites like this, and many others, to find out more about your browsing behaviour. For us, the purpose of using cookies is to better understand visitor demographics to this site so that improvements can be made, as well as informing marketing and sales strategies in the future.

The lawful basis for the use of these cookies is your given consent. This website has made use of a Cookie Notice that actively seeks confirmation of your acceptance or denial to the use of cookies.

Client contact information

We collect personal data from you when you fill and return our enquiry form from the contact page of our website or when you call us directly. This information amounts to name; wedding date; venue; email address, phone number and other relevant information about your wedding necessary to do our work.
Our website automatically sends an email to us with the information you provided. We use Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising
to promote our business, no personal data is collected from this process.

Security, storage and data retention

 If your enquiry through the website does not lead to a confirmed booking, the information we have received from you will be deleted within three months of receipt. If your enquiry leads to a confirmed booking, this initial information and all subsequent emails received and sent during the wedding planning process will be kept for one year from the date of our last email contact with you. All raw footage will be deleted one year after the wedding date. Electronic copies of the Teaser Trailer and completed film will be retained within Vimeo/Youtube (which is a video sharing platform, not sharing any information about the client, with exception of their names to distinguish the file name, and wedding location) for a period of 5 years as this will allow for the promotion of our services and the replacement of lost/damaged films for customers during that period of time. If you should wish your film to be deleted sooner than 5 years, please contact us on to inform us that you no longer wish us to retain your Teaser Trailer and completed film and this will be deleted and confirmed back to yourselves.

Your permission will always be sought for us to use your teaser trailer for the promotion of our work to other prospective customers and you can request at any point in time that we cease using your images for this purpose. Please email us at to let us know and we will ensure they are no longer used. The personal details you give us are stored within our Microsoft Excel and Word software.

Principles that we apply to the collection of personal data

– We must process data fairly, lawfully and in a transparent manner.
– We collect data for a specific purpose (so we do not collect data for one reason and then use it for something else).
– The data we hold is adequate for its purpose but not excessive or irrelevant.
– The data we hold must be accurate and kept up to date.
– We do not keep data for longer than is necessary.
– We keep data securely.

– Images from weddings we have filmed may be used to promote our services on our website or social media.
– Couples will be asked if they wish to give permission for their Teaser Trailer to be used for this purpose. At any point after giving permission for their images to be used for this purpose, couples may withdraw their permission at any time by notifying And this will be actioned promptly. The wedding guests presente will be aware of the videography taking place during the wedding day. Couples using our services will be encouraged to ensure and to confirm to Delight Films prior to the wedding day, that parents of minors are made aware that their child’s images will be captured. Those not wishing their images to be captured should make their requests
clear before the filming begins.


We use personal data, provided directly and voluntarily to us by clients, for two purposes. The first is to carry out our contractual obligations. This means that it’s information we need to do our job. This personal data includes, names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and further information which we need to complete our videography requirements.

We may at times use, an online platform for sending larger files (where possible we will directly send you the link to your uploaded film, rather than using your direct email to send the files via WeTransfer).

We also use some information for legal and tax purposes.

Other than those third parties mentioned in this Notice and listed below, Delight films shall not pass your personal data to any third party.

Your personal data may, subject to our obligations to comply with data protection legislation, be shared with the following third parties:

– or, video-sharing platforms

– while sending files to you

– Assistant videographers who join us on wedding shoots and need information to be able to do their job; ie: name, location address, contact number for relevant persons.

– In certain circumstances we may also share your personal data with third party media businesses for the purposes of marketing our offerings, improving our services, and running a profitable business. These third party businesses may include; wedding magazines/publications, wedding websites, social media sites, or other outlets, with the aim of raising public awareness of our business.

– We may also share your personal information if we believe it is necessary in order to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities or situations that involve potential threats to the physical safety of any person, as required by law.

Our website contains hyperlinks to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, the privacy policies and practices of third parties.

You have the right to request access to, rectification of and erasure of your personal data. You have the right to object to us processing your data and the right to withdraw consent. Please contact us to action this or to speak to us about how we handle the processing of your data.

You have no obligation to provide us with your personal contact details. Whilst this will not preclude you from being welcome to make use of all of our services, it will restrict us being able to provide you with our wedding videography service.

By using this site and/or engaging us in providing a service, you agree to be bound by this Notice.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.